Our coffee

Coffee blend “Moca Gold”

A mixture of ground coffee and packed in vacuum, made for home consumption, for the formulation expresses the traditional taste and aroma quality philosophy.

“Blend Gold”

Coffee blend for home use, designed to get the best value quality of taste, body, flavor and price.

“Mocanotte coffee”

Blend of coffees, decaffeinated with the most advanced environmentally friendly technologies that reduce the caffeine, leaving intact taste, aroma and body.

Blend of coffees characterized by strong aroma, taste full and round with pleasant persistence on the palate.

Creamy blend of coffee, sweet, intensely flavored and full bodied.

Coffee blend that reflects in the body, aroma and taste the most classical traditions’ “Espresso” Italian

Cialda caffè “Espresso Bar”

miscela di caffè torrefatto, macinato, confezionato in atmosfera protettiva.

Cialda caffè “Mocanotte”

miscela di caffè decaffeinato, macinato, confezionato in atmosfera protettiva.


chicchi di caffè ricoperti di cioccolata fondente

“Liquore al caffè”

“Yemen tea”

miscela delle provenienze più pregiate