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"As with art it must be prepared, so with art it must be drunk."

We tell you about a century of love for MOCA coffee. The most beautiful words of love you can say to those you love are undoubtedly: do you want a coffee? Do you agree? For us at MOCA it has been like this for over a century.

SINCE 1949

100% of our production takes place in our factories in Italy.

Our logo is officially a
historical brand of interest
- Made in Italy certification.


We use the best materials
prime. We take special care of the
cleaning of coffee beans.

We choose the best materials, with particular attention to the eco-sustainability of the workmanship, which we entrust to the most expert hands, we let ourselves be inspired by itineraries and daily stories full of beauty.

I bought the Arabica version for Moca compatible capsules and I admit that, in addition to the joy for the very attractive price, it turned out to be a pleasant discovery.




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Our coffee qualities generally come from South and Central America, Africa, India and Vietnam.

Our company complies with all current regulations on anti-pollution and waste disposal; all our production processes, from roasting to final packaging, comply with the regulations for the food sector.

Recently the production plant in Pomezia was equipped with a fume burner to ensure an even lower emission of gases deriving from combustion.

The types of coffee we prefer to use are selected on a qualitative basis both from an organoleptic and a visual point of view, carrying out a careful search among our accredited raw coffee suppliers, always giving priority to our production needs.

Raw coffee is transported exclusively by ship in 60 kg jute bags or 600 kg big bags or on the basis of the needs that may arise at that time.

The quality chain is supervised right from the producing countries through a rigorous selection of suppliers and a strict definition of the quality standards of each origin.

After transit through customs warehouses and verification of the health and hygiene requirements provided for by current legislation, the coffee is subjected to the first cleaning and selection operations at the shipper's facilities.

The coffee arrives in the company in the so-called 600 kg big bags or in 60 kg jute bags and stored in the factory warehouses; here further organoleptic checks are immediately carried out, in order to verify the correspondence with the defined quality standard.

From this point on, the automation system manages the entire production process.

The varieties of raw coffee are poured into the hopper for loading and storage in the silos, from which it will be taken for roasting.

At this point we proceed with the composition of the blends, the result of a know-how that is handed down from generation to generation.

According to the recipes stored in the system, the different origins are mixed through a special scale, before being sent to the roasting machines. The roasted coffee is sent to the storage silos through the so-called cup transport system, which preserves its integrity; it then passes through the cleaning machines which eliminate any residual foreign bodies, making it suitable for packaging.

The coffee beans are packaged in 500 g or 1 kg packs in an atmosphere with a one-way valve, automatically placed in cartons and placed on pallets. The ground coffee is stored in silos and, after an adequate degassing period, is packaged in vacuum packs of 250 g. Further analyzes and tasting tests are carried out on a sample basis on the finished product, to ensure a unique pleasure at every sip.

For the production of capsules and pods, the roasted coffee is sent to the factory located in Lucca and here it is processed and packaged in various formats according to customer requests.

The packaging of pod and capsule products is carried out not only for the Pomezia plant, but most of it is carried out on behalf of third parties.

The creation of blends and their subsequent refinement is entrusted to the long-standing skills of our roasters, thanks to which they allow us to always respect the very high quality level of our blends.

The raw coffee suppliers we choose are generally Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic and UTZ certified.


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