The Origins of Caffe MOCA

High quality for the best bars in Rome ...

Since 1949, the year in which the company that produces it was born, MOCA coffee has always been destined for the best bars and cafes in Rome, including the prestigious Caffè Greco, known throughout the world as the ideal place to taste real coffee in the Eternal City.

We immediately focused on the quality of the blends and the selection of fine raw materials.

For us at MOCA this process is still essential today.

This is how we managed to establish ourselves as a high quality roasting company, but above all this is how we pursued our dream : to create the blend that knows how to make you fall in love with coffee .


A fusion that creates family

The 1960s marked great changes and expansion for Moca. In 1965, the meeting with the Nannini and Bei family, already an expert in the coffee sector and already owner of a second company, the Bei & Nannini, made a real magic happen: the fusion of skills, passions and objectives. that lay the foundations for a good expansion.


Innovation as a driving force for entrepreneurial activity

In 1967 the first acknowledgments also arrived for the good work and for our ability to look to innovation with enthusiasm.

We are awarded with the Italsider Gold Plate Award.

80s and 90s

80s and 90s: what distinguished them?

Over the following decades the Nannini family acquired the share of the Bei family, becoming 100% owner of the two companies.


The two sisters, united in production and in the desire to offer the best coffee

The two companies Moca and Bei & Nannini are currently independent of each other, but they continue to support each other in production: the Rome plant, in fact, produces coffee beans and ground coffee for both companies, while the plant in Lucca (Tuscany), focuses on the production of pods and capsules.