Il caffè è condivisione

Coffee is sharing

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Coffee is waking up in the morning with its scent. It is finding it ready when we wake up, prepared the night before by someone who has had a kind thought, and then you wait to hear its rumbling while the day has already begun, as hectic as ever. It is stopping for a moment, taking a break from the daily chaos. A morning companion, a daily gesture, is the smile of someone who shares that coffee with you, is the smile of someone who prepares it and wishes you a good day, is a friend to have a chat with and then "let's have a coffee", while we tell a little about it. Coffee is a ritual that many of us cannot do without, myself included. It is that moment of sharing with friends, colleagues, with the people around us. A companion, a ritual, is our good morning: after coffee it all begins. Coffee is the sweet and mature gesture of those who teach you how to prepare it in the right way, each with their own precautions that have always been handed down. It is the package together with the Moka that can never be missing in the suitcase of those who live too far away and who always need to feel the taste of home. It is making do with an unsuitable camping electric plate but one that does not disappoint us in one way or another, and so we manage to have coffee and its scent even thousands of kilometers away from home. Because it is a desire that belongs to everyone, being together over a cup of coffee. He wakes us up after a lunch and accompanies us during the long days: after the coffee it all begins.